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We recommend an initial thirty-minute skin consultation to determine and personalize the best treatment program for you. We also suggest you bring all products you are currently using to assess their effectiveness. All of our treatments include skin analysis and are customized to suit your current skin condition. Our aesthetician will recommend an effective home care regimen to keep your skin looking its very best between visits.

Classic Facial Treatments

The classic facial treatment in Europe! From teenagers to women along with more and more men consider this treatment a part of their monthly skin care routine. It is a great introductory to professional skin care and a monthly must for maintaining balanced skin health.

The process and some of the benefits

Cleansing to remove makeup and impurities. A skin analysis follows to assess skin type/condition and to determine best product choice for the course of treatment. Next, an exfoliation product is applied to remove dead skin cells and to accelerate skin cell turnover. A gentle stream of steam may accompany this step to soften skin for the extraction process. After these deep pore cleansing procedures are done an ampoule, a concentrate of highly active ingredients, will be applied to replenish the skin and restore moisture. A massage of face, neck, décolleté and shoulders will follow. This will not only be relaxing, but has many benefits including improved circulation, detoxification, and relieving muscle tension. A finishing mask enhances the results. Finally, a moisturizer and sunblock is applied to protect your face from the elements.

90 minutes

A breath of fresh air! This treatment stimulates respiration and circulation within the skin. It promotes healing and rejuvenates sluggish stressed skin—whether from smoking, years of sun abuse, or congested acne conditions. Drawing oxygen from the skin's surface it produces a rosy flush and rapid warming sensation which results in radiant, healthy looking skin. Not recommended for rosacea conditions.

75 minutes

Designed for today's busy‏ man, this skin repair treatment leaves you polished for success. This treatment encompasses all components of our refresher facial, as well as using products specifically designed for men's skin. Whether it is dehydrated or irritated from shaving or climate changes, your skin is visibly and tangibly restored to a fresh and clean look. Includes grooming of nose, ear and brow hair.

60 minutes

This treatment is an excellent introduction to personalized, professional skin care. It includes cleansing, skin analysis, aroma steam (if suitable), exfoliation, extractions, a massage, including neck, face, and décolleté, as well as a finishing masque.

60 minutes

Great for teen and adult acne, this service focuses on purifying your skin while helping to prevent future breakout activity. Anti-inflammatory plant extracts and, if necessary,”high frequency” application help balance, heal and calm your skin. We highly recommend a series of this treatment.

60 minutes

The national rosacea society states that 16 million women in the US suffer from persistent facial redness. Using clinically proven products for sensitive, reactive and rosacea skin, this treatment relieves redness, soothes inflammation & strengthens skin to relieve these skin conditions.

Rejuvenation and Renewal

A light, safe and painless exfoliating treatment utilizing lactic or glycolic acid. Depending on your skin’s condition, pure enzymes or the famous “epidermal leveling” technique is incorporated after extraction of impurities. This treatment is finalized by either a skin freezing technique called “cryo-therapy” or a soothing mask.

60 minutes

Our alternative to traditional alpha-hydroxy-acid peels! Loaded with natural fruit acids and enzymes these peels help achieve the best results. They are truly a natural repair therapy comprised of powerful vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals to combat oxidative, free-radical damage/stress according to each specific need and skin problem. Your aesthetician will choose from a variety of fruit peels like mango, pumpkin, orange, cranberry or cherry peel.

A procedure that stimulates cellular turnover through the application of salicylic acid. This peel is safe and very effective. However due to its deeper penetration, 3 – 5 days of “downtime” is required. The effects can range from mild flaking to extreme peeling and/or redness. Excellent for acne-prone and photo-damaged skin types. A series of 6 treatments is recommended for optimal correction.

30 minutes

The parisian peel offers quick yet gentle resurfacing. Using a stream of ultra-fine crystals, combined with a vacuum to provide a mild lymphatic drainage, dead skin cells are removed to promote skin rejuvenation. The peel concludes with extractions of impurities and a finishing mask that leaves your skin with a smooth, healthy complexion. Microdermabrasion can be performed on any area of the face or body for an even more polished look.

60 minutes

These treatments give you an unparalleled facial that will promote repair and remodeling in the skin while restoring its radiance and beauty. Your end result is healthier more lustrous skin.

60 minutes

Facial Infusion is a revolutionary non-chemical peel delivering long term skin benefits, using the most potent form of Vitamin A to gently resurface the skin. This unique formulation increases circulation, delivers nutrients deep into the skin, boost immunity and stimulates collagen production. Your skin will immediately be transformed!

60 minutes

If your skin desires a boost of rejuvenation, moisture or firming, this treatment is for you. A powerful non-chemical peel customized with actives. Your skin is not always the same, so why treat it the same? Infuse it for superior results.

60 minutes

Light Therapy

Target common skin problems, such as minor acne, redness, uneven pigmentation. After cleansing and exfoliation a wrap-around facial panel‏ of specific LED light is positioned over the face. The treatment includes extractions of impurities, serums and a mask that is infused with polarized high frequency.

90 minutes

We also offer the LumiLight panel as a stand alone treatment or it can be added to any treatment as an enhancer.

30 minutes

This treatment uses light energy, micro current and polarized high frequency in order to safely rejuvenate skin. The currents reach down into all three levels of the skin in order to lift muscles and rejuvenate the skin tissue.

75 minutes

Light Therapy Add Ons

To help improve skin conditions such as minor acne, inflamed acne, uneven pigmentation, photo-aging and redness.

30 minutes

We recommend this light therapy add on to target specific areas of concern. Focusing on contouring the jaw line, smoothing fine lines, or acne breakouts.

10 minute increments

Body Treatments

Do your hands show your age? We offer the next generation in hand care with the use of intense LED photo pulsation. This treatment begins with exfoliation and an application of concentrated serums. Your hands will then be placed beneath a panel of light. For intense hydration and nourishment, a gentle hand massage and warm mittens will conclude the treatment. The HandSpa can also be added to any of our facials.

30 minutes

This treatment is not only for acne sufferers and follows the same steps as our Refresher facial. Deep pore cleansing, exfoliating, extractions if necessary, a massage of back, shoulders, and neck, and finally a mask is applied. By the end of the treatment you feel reenergized and your skin will be nourished and refined.

60 minutes

Treatment Enhancements

A safe and effective technique, in which very thin layers of dead surface cells and facial hair are removed using a custom made surgical blade. Instantly your skin feels softer, smoother, and more refined. In addition to the visual benefits of epidermal leveling, penetration of skin care products is enhanced.

30 minutes

There are many benefits to waxing. It is long-lasting and generally the hair will grow back slowly. The hair is removed at the root and over an extended period of time, areas that are repeatedly waxed often exhibit regrowth that is softer and lighter in color.

15 minutes per area

We can help you accentuate your facial features or match your hair color. We use only high quality tint and guarantee complete and even coverage of both eyebrows and eyelashes. Why not add these services to your facial treatment to enhance the beauty and expressiveness of your face?

Eyebrows - 15 minutes | Eyelashes - 30 minutes

We offer a variety of specialty masks and highly concentrated serums that are luxurious and a perfect addition to any of our treatments.

Mineral Makeup

Allow us to use our skin-nurturing mineral makeup to create a flawless complexion.

15 minutes


We offer reflexology appointments every Wednesday, booked through us, by appointment only.

60 or 90 minutes

About The Skin Clinic

Ruth Robinson

Healthy Skin From Within

Over the course of our relationship we will provide you with the knowledge necessary to create, support, and maintain a radiant complexion.  We hope you pass on that knowledge to those around you in an effort to promote our philosophy of balance.  The skin is an intelligent organ that works at its optimum level only when unharmed and stabilized.  We pledge to never disrupt that harmony.  We will always strive to make your experience fulfilling and serene.

Dr Grandel

The Path To Get There

Our mission of working alongside the natural processes of the skin is reflected in our array of customized services.  We are committed to advancements in the procedures we offer, continually broadening our education in the field, and providing the highest quality products for our clients, always improving by staying current. However, we promise, no breakthrough technology, product, or procedure will be offered by our clinic if it contradicts our non-invasive philosophy.

Ruth Robinson

Ruth Robinson

Ruth is an internationally certified and registered master aesthetician and instructor with more than twenty years experience. She is a graduate of the Frantz Kosmetik Schule in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and has directed spas in Germany and the United States. In partnership with Dr. David Teasley, a noted Williamsburg plastic surgeon, Ruth managed The Skin Institute on McLaws Circle for six years.

At The Skin Clinic of Williamsburg, our mission is to provide a high level of non-invasive, innovative skin care services, technologies and products with unparalleled customer service. Each treatment is unique to you and customized for your skin, to help you achieve and maintain your healthiest skin possible.

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